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Don't move at RED light if you want a chance to win ! You will have to reach the end of the obstacles course to be free of the beauty light's control. Good luck !

It may remind you one childhood's game... revisited for Brackeys' GameJam with the theme of "Light".

All has been done by myself: 3d modelisation, gameplay, game design, and music during the gamejam. I didn't have enought time to do all my ideas, because I worked all days as I am an employee, so I was doing this game all evenings after work. But the main is here, so "it's ok".

Playing this game is an experiment in an art game.... But be carefull, cause you may loose (the game, and your mind.... MOUHAHAHA....) eh eh... sorry... just let's try it! ^^

Hoping you will have fun playing.  :)

Please let your feedbacks in comments to let me know if you have enjoying the game and what did you like or dislike. Thank you by advance.

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